Propeller Communications CMS


Our CMS solutions offer a unified set of features that are adaptive to the dynamic needs of each of our clients.

Propeller's CMS platform gives our clients the freedom to evolve their website and control its content with ease.

From multi-venue sites such as Zizzi and Ping Pong, to high-end event planners and interior designers - we deliver unique, tailored CMS solutions.

Every CMS that we develop can be customised to create a platform that meets the needs of all our clients - nothing is out of the question!

Our CMS Platform

Completely flexible, and highly customisable for each website.

Built with each client in mind, each CMS is personal to each and every brand. We cater for every requirement

Fully built in media manager allowing clients to add images and video easily and quickly.

Our CMS is extendable enabling it to grow with the evolving needs of our clients.

The permission features of our CMS solutions enable our clients to assign varying degrees of control to individual users within each of their businesses.

Ping Pong CMS

Ping Pong CMS

Ping Pong manage their restaurant information via a dedicated venue area in the CMS. Adding, editing or removing can be done in seconds.


Manage pages easily, add, edit and remove pages from each website.

  • - Manage individual pages - edit content with ease
  • - Review pages before putting them live
  • - Option to have a blog
  • - Manage the websites main navigation
  • - Media manager to organise and edit images, videos and pdf's
  • - Set up per-page SEO control for titles, keywords and descriptions
  • - Multi site feature
  • - Translation system for multi-lingual sites
  • - Multi layout templates on core pages such as homepage. This is customisable per customer and discussed with clients personally
CMS Menu System

CMS Menu System

Our flexible menu system allows you to manage all menu content, from item images to calorie content!

A Responsive Experience

Accessible content from any device, anytime, anywhere.

We firmly believe in the benefits of responsive website design. Together with our preeminent content management technology and familiarity of buying behaviours, we have proudly created a broad selection of award-winning websites. Responsive website design opens digital flagships to customers worldwide on any device.

It enhances the brand experience. Broadens sales opportunities and online bookings. Going responsive also readies your website for the future.



Zizzi benefits from a responsive website - which means these CMS regions are flexible and visible no matter what device is accessing the website.


  • - Social media integration
  • - Cross platform integration with Propshop, integrate your blog posts with your products
  • - Bookings system
  • - Bespoke 3rd party API integration
  • - Google maps
  • - RSS feeds
La Bottega Loyalty Scheme

La Bottega Loyalty Scheme

The website has a third party integration, providing registration and login functionality for customers and strategic data collection for La Bottega.