Ginstock ’12

It was wild, man…

Amazing food trucks, some serious tunes, and… you guessed it… Gin! They didn’t block off the freeway or run out of drinks, but it was one hell of a good time. And the Propeller team likes a good time.

In we go!
The group assemble at the main bar for a pic before everyone scatters for food and drink.
Richard and Fiona share a joke… or is it some gin-soaked fruits? We’ll never know


Fiona and Sophie Having one of the cocktail entries. Rhubarb? Yes!
What?! Closed? But we want more!!
The one thing we all CERTAINLY remember is the epic fried chicken from Spit and Roast (if only that food truck was parked outside the office…)


You guys got the rhubarb one too? It’s good isn’t it…
Enjoying a ‘Florodora’ with gin, raspberries, ginger ale, fresh lime, and fresh ginger. So refreshing!


Who wouldn’t enjoy such a lovely occasion?
Oh, look at those smiles…


Who won the Gin competition you ask? We all did.